Playout and Content Managment

Robust with the option to implement redundancy for peace of mind, the 24-hour playout facility at our UK teleport is fully managed and controlled by an automated system which includes automatic playlist synchronisation and can provide on-air protection as an option. We are also able to provide remote scheduling access and end-to-end services, which include graphics overlay and logo insertion.

Ingest into our system can be via tape, DVD, FTP, satellite or fibre before playlists are compiled and playout service airs your content to satellites and viewers across the world.

We use the latest technology to support our content management services, which helps you stay in control and enable information to be published across every medium, for extra ease during the audio and visual transmission process.

Key advantages of our content management system are:

  • Controllable by the user to give added flexibility
  • Pushes content to playout via remote access
  • Features remote scheduling for content, on-screen graphics etc