Support of international channel in Africa

Company Overview

Inspiration TV offers around-the-clock programming of religious content for adults, teens and children. The channel currently serves over 100 million households in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia/NZ and the Middle East.


The company was seeking to grow its channel audience in Sub Saharan Africa and the MENA region via the IS 20 satellite platform.

How we helped

ViewSat provided a pro-active approach to establishing Inspiration TV in the region. Our 24/7 technical teams were available to answer calls and could be relied upon to be prompt and efficient in solving any questions or problems which arose. ViewSat constructed a bespoke, cost-effective broadcasting distribution for Inspiration TV.


The extended broadcasting network for Inspiration TV was launched with great success and its efficient operation has enabled the channel to grow considerably in the region - opening up its messaging to an additional audience of millions.

"(ViewSat's) enthusiastic attitude and insight into the industry allowed us to construct a bespoke, cost-effective broadcasting solution...ViewSat's innovative approach to the market has provided us with options for growth that we had not considered before. We have benefitted from ViewSat's approach and trust the team to provide us with a consistently excellent quality of service."

Lisa Mouradian, Inspiration TV