Establishing a new religious channel across Africa

etv-network.gifCompany Overview

Elshaddai Television Network (ETN) is a Christian broadcasting organisation which, in June 2011, launched a dedicated 24/7 channel reaching homes across the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.


When ETN launched in 2007, it broadcast to its community in Europe for just half an hour a week. During the next four years, the company broadcast through other channels but was seeking to launch its own dedicated 24-hour channel for the Sub-Saharan African market.

How we helped

ViewSat worked with ETN to establish the distribution network for the new channel. ViewSat was the ideal choice because of our unique platform covering the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa and the fact that they could reach all the countries through a single team. Having previously shared airtime on this platform (owned by ViewSat), we were able to offer the advice and guidance necessary for Elshaddi to set up their own 24/7 channel, in response to popular demand.

As ETN was a launch channel, it drew heavily on the technical help and advice that ViewSat was able to offer, which went well beyond what they might have expected from a distributor.


The results speak for themselves. Relying on private donations for funding, ETN has grown from supplying short weekly broadcasts within Europe to a round-the-clock broadcasting channel received in homes across Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region.

“ViewSat has been a support to us every step of the way, readily offering advice on the best markets to broadcast to or satellites to use. Working with ViewSat has helped us fulfil our objective of broadcasting to key religious audiences beyond Ethopia, where we are currently situated.”

“ViewSat has been key in helping our channel grow in a consistent way, providing an agile, flexible service with a consistently high quality output. We have complete confidence in ViewSat’s ability to meet our broadcasting needs and look forward to working with them to expand our programme in the future.”

Pastor Abera, Elshaddai Television Network